Ampac Fire Safety

Ampac Fire Safety is an international supplier of fire protection equipment. We provide a complete protection solution with our range of fire safety equipment and fire protection products including extinguishers, fire hose reels, hydrants, fire sprinklers and more. Our products are manufactured and approved to Australian and International standards and are also batch tested to ensure consistent quality.




Fire Extinguishers                              Fire Extinguisher Accessories     Fire Sprinkler Systems 
Ampac Fire Safety offers a wide range of Fire Extinguishers to suit Class A, B, E and F fires.     Complete your fire extinguisher installation with accessories and fire safety equipment.     Protect life and property from fire by installing sprinkler systems, available for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Wet Systems Equipment     Electrical Wiring Systems     Exit & Emergency Lighting 
Hose Reels, Nozzles, Adaptors and a varierty of equipment and accessories for fire fighting.     Ampac Safety’s range of wiring system components are suitable for use with Ampac control panels and all general electrical installations.     In any emergency situation exit signs and backed up emergency lighting can help preserve life by directing occupants to escape routes.