Product Overview

 Fire installation companies in Australia are realising there are key installation and labor cost benefits using BlazeMaster® versus steel!

BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire sprinkler pipe & fittings are an easy to use alternative to traditional steel fire sprinkler systems. Using its solvent weld joining system, there is no threading machines & oxy acetylene welders required. Great for both new and retrofit applications, BlazeMaster ® flexibility allows for FAST, quiet and clean installation.

From a long term reliability standpoint, BlazeMaster ® CPVC pipe & fittings also offers corrosion resistance (including resitance to Microbiologically influenced Corrosion /MIC), superior hydraulics, high heat tolerances and lower flame and smoke characteristics.

Benefits of using Blazemaster® CPVC:

  • Ease of jointing on-site provides, unmatched flexibility
  • Lightweight; effortless installation and handling on-site.
  • No scaling & corrosion for long lasting performance even in salt air
  • Lower site installation labor costs. A building level may take days NOT weeks!
  • Installation can start & stop anywhere on site ( unlike steel ) meaning less coordination & minimal conflict between installation trades



  • Complete range of solvent weld transition fittings
  • Fittings range from 20mm – 80mm
  • 50 year life expectancy
  • Continuous service at 65°C @ 1210 kPa
  • Immune to corrosion & scaling
  • Immune to MIC
  • No shop fabrication necessary
  • Eliminates much of the upfront engineering required for steel

Item Numbers


20mm CPVC Fire Sprinkler Pipe [4.5M Length] 3/4”


20mm 3/4” CPVC FI Socket


25mm x 20mm CPVC Bush


20mm CPVC Cap


20mm CPVC Coupling


25mm x 20mm CPVC Reducing Coupling


20mm CPVC 45° Elbow


20mm x 1/2” CPVC Fire Sprinkler Head Elbow


40mm CPVC Flange


20mm CPVC Tee

For further item numbers please see product data sheet*