Extended Coverage Fire Sprinklers

Product Overview

Extended coverage sprinklers are designed to protect larger areas than specified by standard installation rules for standard spray sprinklers. Extended coverage sprinklers reduce both material and installation costs by reducing:

  • The number of sprinklers required
  • Piping and branch lines
  • Installation time

Globe extended coverage sprinklers are approved to protect light and ordinary hazard applications. All specific application sprinklers must be installed as per the manufacturer and applicable code requirements.

Globe offers a range of extended coverage products ideally matched to hazard, water supply, and aesthetic requirements:

  • Pendent and recessed pendent
  • Flat and domed concealed pendent
  • Horizontal sidewall, recessed horizontal sidewall, and concealed horizontal sidewall

All Globe concealed sprinklers are available in standard finishes and can be customized to match or complement any décor.

Extended coverage sprinklers may be used to protect:

  • Parking structures
  • Large commercial spaces with limited obstructions
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Structures with interiors unlikely to change dramatically over time

Guidelines and manufacturers’ specifications for extended coverage sprinklers change frequently. To determine the ideal protection option for your facility, contact your local Globe technical representative to find the right solution to meet your specific application.


  • A range of light and ordinary hazard sprinklers
  • Range of K factors & finishes available
  • Concealed sidewalls & pendents with flat or dome covers