Water Fire Extinguisher

Product Overview

Water fire extinguishers are completely red in colour and can be distinguished from other extinguisher types by the absence of any colour band on the cylinder.  Water fire extinguishers work by releasing a stream of water to cool down and absorb heat from the burning material. water stored pressure extinguishers are commonly used in areas such as storage for dry goods and are available at Ampac Safety in a 9.0 litre size.

Water fire extinguishers are suitable for the following types of fire:

Class A – Ordinary Combustibles



  • High performance ratings
  • Stainless steel cylinder, handles & brass valve and ferrules
  • Ultra high UV resistant powder coating




Portable Fire Extinguishers


General Requirements



Portable Fire Extinguishers


Specific Requirements For Water Type Extinguishers



Portable Fire Extinguishers


Classification, Rating and Performance Testing

Item Numbers


9.0L Water Fire Extinguisher, Hose & Wall Bkt