Flexible Sprinklers Droppers

Product Overview

 Ampac Fire Safety stock a comprehensive range of FM approved flexible sprinkler droppers and accessories.

The range has been carefully selected after detailed feedback from a variety of installers from various regions.

Major factors influencing the Ampac Safety Flexi product range were:

  • Robust product construction
  • Ability to bend and form the flexi
  • Ease of fixing the product in place
  • High quality manufacturer.
  • Competitive Pricing


The droppers are constructed from 304 Grade Stainless Steel with inner Spiral Tube formation. This construction provides High durability due to the superior spring elasticity. Other benefits are vibration absorbing, corrosion resisting, heat and pressure resisting.

The new Flexi’s range augments our capacity to supply customers with a one stop project solution.



  • FM approved product range
  • ActivFire Listed
  • Superior gasket system (No O rings)
  • Each dropper is Individually leak tested

Item Numbers


Braided Flexible Dropper FM Complete


Flexible Dropper Head Bracket Easy Fit


Flexible Dropper Head Bracket


Flexible Dropper Bar Clip 100mm long Per Set


Flexible Dropper Elbow 90° 15nb


Flexible Dropper Nipple BSP to Flexi Thread


Flexible Dropper Bar 1200mm Long