Standard Spray Fire Sprinklers

Product Overview

Still the most popular type of sprinkler, the spray sprinkler discharges 100% of its water down towards the floor in an umbrella shaped discharge pattern. The deflector is designed to produce water droplets in three specific size ranges. Small droplets help absorb the heat from the fire and maintain cool ceiling temperatures. Medium sized droplets penetrate the edges of the fire plume to pre-wet adjacent surfaces making it more difficult for the fire to spread. Large sized droplets penetrate the fire plume to get to the surface of the burning fuel to control or suppress the fire.

Standard spray sprinklers are the most versatile type of sprinkler, providing protection for all hazards when installed per the governing code and manufacturers’ requirements.

There are two basic types of standard spray sprinklers: standard response sprinklers which are activated by the release of a 5mm bulb and quick response sprinklers which are activated by the release of a 3mm bulb. Both types of standard and quick response sprinklers are available in a variety of configurations, operating temperatures, orifice sizes and finishes.

Standard spray sprinklers can be used to protect virtually any structure and are an excellent option when the use and interior partitions of the building is likely to change over time. Common applications include the protection of:

  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Government and institutional buildings


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