Steel Pipe

Product Overview

Ampac Fire Safety’s FireReady range of steel pipe was developed specifically for fire protection – sprinkler, hose reel and hydrant systems. Light and Medium designated pipe in accordance with AS 1074 is stocked in sizes 15nb to 150nb. FireReady pipe is easy to weld and available in two surface coatings, Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) and our unique Signal Red rust inhibitor.

HDG is zinc on both the internal and external surfaces with a minimum coating weight of 300g/m2 applied in accordance with AS 4792. HDG pipe is approved for use in underground applications in accordance with AS 4118.2.1 and AS 2419.1 when used with approved coupling systems and ensuring that suitable external pipe corrosion protection is provided.

Our unique water based antirust coating is coloured Signal Red (RAL 3000). This means exposed pipe on site only needs to be touched up rather than applying a Signal Red top coat, also fabrication time is reduced as the need to paint after welding is diminished. The coating is factory applied to a nominal 30 micron thickness and complies with ASTM F 963-11 for total Lead in paint and for soluble heavy metal in paint.

During the pipe manufacture process the internal weld bead is not removed, however, the external weld bead is scalped flush with the outer surface prior to painting or galvanizing. At the end of the production line a quality assurance hydrostatic and ultrasonic test is undertaken in accordance with AS 1074.

FireReady pipe is stocked with plain and roll groove ends and available in 6.5 metre and 3.25 metre lengths. Our pipe is compatible with the Ampac Safety range of Galvanized Malleable (Gal Mal) screw fittings and the Ampac Safety range of grooved fittings. Ampac Safety offers One stop project solutions.

FireReady pipe is approved to;

  • AS 4118.2.1-1995 Fire sprinkler systems – Piping – General
  • AS 2419.1-2005 : Fire hydrant installations – System design, installation and commissioning
  • AS 4728-2005 : Electric resistance welded steel pipe for pressure purposes
  • AS 1074-1989 : Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service
  • ASTM A135/A135M-09-2014 : Standard Specification for
  • Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe




  • 15nb to 150nb sizes stocked
  • Plain and roll groove ends
  • Signal red or hot dipped galvanized coatings
  • Light and Medium wall thicknesses
  • Multiple product certification
  • Ampac Safety – One stop project solutions