Storage Fire Sprinklers

Product Overview

 Storage sprinklers are specifically designed to protect the storage of commodities, components or finished goods according to defined commodity classes and the configuration of the storage facility.

Storage sprinklers may be used to protect:

  • Raw materials and component parts used in manufacturing
  • Commercial finished goods
  • Retail products
  • Long term storage of consumer goods such as automobiles, boats and fur garments


Globe storage sprinklers are available as:

  • In-Rack or intermediate level protection, which are installed within each row of shelving to protect the commodity immediately beneath
  • ‘Ceiling only’ protection, which protects the stored commodity with sprinklers at the ceiling level only
  • A combination of both In-Rack and ‘Ceiling only’ protection


Areas where storage sprinklers are required include:

  • Commercial warehouses and distribution centres
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail stores with on-site storage of retail goods


Always refer to the applicable fire code(s) to determine the classification of the commodity and the storage configuration being utilised. To determine the ideal protection option for your facility, contact your local Globe technical representative to find the right solution to meet your specific application


  • Globe sprinkler products; designed & manufactured in the USA since 1914
  • Engineered & built to exceed industry standards around the world
  • Standard and quick response sprinkler heads available
  • Range of pendent, upright, sidewall and intermediated level sprinklers
  • Shields & guards to suit
  • Finishes include brass, chrome and white
  • K Factors: 5.6(80), 7.8(111), 8.1(116), 11.5(166)
  • 15mm & 20mm sizes